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February 2017




Miss Cookie

Kennedy – Preschool       Adrianna – Preschool

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Special Announcements

Bookmobile will be visiting on Feb 9th.


Toddler Newsletter

February has arrived at Little Explorer’s. Instead of white snowflakes hanging around the classroom, we look forward to a multitude of colors, including pink (this month’s color). Our heart shape will also be a key in projects, including a “heart sun catcher” and “valentine pocket.”

“Mittens the Kitten” will introduce us to our first theme of the month, “I Feel Fine.” The children will explore ways to stay healthy, not only through the winter season, but the whole year through. The words “Dentist” and “Doctor” will help the kids tell us us how they feel, whether happy, sad, angry, or sleepy. They will also learn “I brush my teeth” and the sign language for “sick.”

The second half of the month deals with the theme “Monkeying Around.” “Mittens” teaches the kids “monkey” and “Rainforest,” while helping them create fun projects like “monkey puppet,” “rainforest collage,” and “bouncy tree frog.” They will also learn about tropical leaves and fruit, as we look for those warmer temps as we “swing” along through winter.


Preschool Newsletter

Love is in the air!

We will be making “heart”  people and decorating bags to bring home our Valentines home in. We will be having a Valentine’s Day party. 

The Preschool class will be learning all about Space, the planets and the Sun.  

We will be making moon sand, moon rocks and will even build our own planets.  Of course, we will continue working on our letters, N, Q and G are our letters for this month. 

Our weekly cooking classes were such a hit we decided to bring them back!  Each week we will be learning how to follow a recipe and making delicious snacks and treats! 

We will finish off our month with a Space Camp Day! 


“Just cause you got the monkey off your back, doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”

~George Carlin~