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  • August 2nd, 2018

    August 2018

    Birthdays Miss. Stephanie                           Miss Jen Kaliana – Preschool Special Announcements Bookmobile will be visiting on August 24th   Toddler News   Preschool News Our summer fun continues in in the preschool room! We will be learning all about nature and ways for… Read More >

  • June 4th, 2018

    June 2018

    Birthdays Stella – Toddlers                 Lily- Preschool Madeline – Preschool        Camden – Preschool Special Announcements   *The bookmobile will be visiting us on June 29th Toddlers Preschool Summer is finally here!  We have lots of summer fun acitivies planned!   Trips to the park, picnics… Read More >

  • April 4th, 2018

    April 2018

      Birthdays Miss. Katie Bryson – Preschool            Caily – Preschool Alec – Preschool      Conor – Preschool Allison – Preschool       Elia – Toddlers   Special Announcements Bookmobile will be visiting on April 6th.   Toddler Newsletter   Preschool Newsletter April is all about Ocean Commotion! Your… Read More >

  • March 9th, 2018

    March 2018

      Birthdays Natalie – Preschool Ryan – Toddlers ****************************************************************************************** Toddler Newsletter ****************************************************************************************** Preschool Newsletter We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with lots of color crafts and activities!  Making rainbow necklaces and shamrock headbands are just a few!  We may even try to catch a leprechaun!!  It’s also time to get ready for Spring!  We… Read More >

  • December 4th, 2017

    December 2017

    Birthdays Christian – preschool ****************************************************************************************** Special Announcements *The Center will be closed from Friday Dec. 22nd to January 1st.  We reopen on Tuesday, Jan 2nd. *Bookmobile is visiting on Dec 7th. *********************************************************************************************** Toddlers *********************************************************************************************** Preschool We have so many fun things planned for December.  First we are planning on hauling out the holly and decorating… Read More >

  • October 6th, 2017

    October 2017

                                              Birthdays Mrs. Karyn Ms. Kim *********************************************************************************************** Special Announcements  *Wilson Fire Company will be visiting with their fire truck on October 9th! *Bookmobile is visiting on October 19th! *********************************************************************************************** Toddler Newsletter *********************************************************************************************** Preschool Newsletter In… Read More >

  • August 31st, 2017

    September 2017

    Birthdays Colin – Preschool           Benjamin – Preschool     Maddox – Preschool             Bria – Toddler         Special Announcements * The Bookmobile will be visiting on September    Toddler Newsletter Preschool Newsletter September is an exciting month in the Preschool room!  … Read More >

  • August 15th, 2017

    August 2017

    Birthdays Miss Stephanie   Miss Jen Kenleigh – Preschool       Zander – Preschool Paityn – Preschool      Kaliana – Preschool ************************************************************************************************* Graduation  We will be saying Good-bye to some our very special friends as they head off to Kindergarden! Congratulations: Matthew     Kenleigh    Sofia   Adrianna   Isabella M.  … Read More >

  • July 25th, 2017


      Birthdays Isabella M – Preschool   Special Announcement The Bookmobile is visiting on July 28th. ************************************************************************************ Toddler Newsletter ************************************************************************************ Preschool Newsletter Summer is here!  We will be learning all about the beach and all of the creates that live there!  We will have fun with sand and water and we will make lots of… Read More >

  • June 5th, 2017

    June 2017

      Birthdays  Miss. Franny Elizabeth – Preschool      Camden – Toddlers Lily – Toddlers   Special Announcement  Bookmobile is visiting on June 1st. *************************************************************************************** Toddler Newsletter *************************************************************************************** Preschool Newsletter  We are going back in time to learn all about dinosaurs.  We will learn the different names for each dinosaur and how they lived and… Read More >